Christmas Wonders

from December 4th… 

I love my species.

There is nothing can match a human for ingenuity, and there is nothing quite like this week’s Linens-n-Things flyer to demonstrate the quirky creativity of the human creature. Right there on the front page you have a neon-and-bubble-lights-beat-to-the-music iJuke iPod jukebox (only $249.99, tho’ Target will sell you a taller one for $499.99), a crane game candy dispenser (why settle for a fancy dish?) and the NEW! Rival beverage fountain. How much fun can we add to eating Star Mints, drinking punch, and listening to tunes? Well…lots. If you don’t want to go retro with the iJuke, just turn the page you can find the Hip Pop Pets iPod speaker system (frog, pig, or dog–purple dog also available), or the i-flops Sports Fanatics that will let you plug your music source into a plush, headphone-wearing soccer ball, football, or basketball.

And if the RIVAL beverage fountain wasn’t what you wanted for this year’s Holiday Party, an equally creative person has designed the 7-shaker drink wheel that looks like a cocktail Ferris wheel, but alas, doesn’t actually rotate. (Tho’ perhaps if you purchase the Drinko Shot Game featured just below it, the wheel will appear to turn.)

For a more practical Christmas gift we might look to the Cordless Power Grill Brush with rotary brush designed for those too weak to brush and scrape the grill manually. Or you can purchase the battery powered Black & Decker ScumBuster (with nine attachments) for those of us who have waited waaaay to long to clean the shower. And to soothe the aching shoulders of the folks who didn’t receive such thoughtful gifts, HOMEDICS makes the Mini Massager in a variety of cheerful alien shapes and colors–Great stocking stuffer!

The whole flyer is filled with strange and wonderful items to satisfy your heart’s desire or your current whim; gifts when you’re trying desperately to find something novel for the hard-to-please. There’s the ROOMBA Discovery vacuum (is there a camera? what does it discover besides dirt?) and the Faraday Flashlights (As Seen On TV. No batteries needed, just shake to recharge) and the Digital Picture Frame displaying both slideshows and videos (a MUST for every cubicle). I’m telling you, it’s a 20-page creative rush. Can’t wait to see what shows up next week–because really, you can’t beat the Christmas Season for showing us all just how marvelous the human race can be.