It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and the kids and I had gone to one of the local malls.  My son had escaped to wander on his own while his sister and I looked around various clothing shops.  We looked in the All American Mountain-Themed preppy clothing store where they had the thermostat turned way down to encourage purchases of their winter clothing line.  We skipped the California Beach-Themed preppy clothing store, and stopped at the Lighter Brighter Slightly Younger Less Overtly Sexual preppy clothing store (upstairs, overlooking the giant snow globe with the dancing penguins).

We browsed the sweaters and the henleys and the hoodies and the fleece jammies, and were on our way out when we spotted the cutest little girl standing in front of the mirror.  She was maybe 4 years old with beads braided into her cornrows, and she was admiring the green and white scarf draped about her neck.  As she turned to take in the full effect of her elegance, I noticed that what she was really wearing was a pair of green and white pajama bottoms with the seat behind her back and one leg on each side of her neck.  With great drama, she tossed the left leg across the opposing shoulder, gave a satisfied look in the mirror, and strutted off to find her mother.

Which just goes to show, you can wear almost anything if you wear it with style.