But there was a cow, honest!

Turkey Hill Cow 

Driving in to work the other day, I found myself traveling behind a 15 ft. fiberglass cow.   It was a red and white Turkey Hill cow with its very own tub of ice cream—tho’ the ice cream was a bit difficult to see from my vantage point.   Now, this is not an everyday occurrence for me, but thinking back, I can’t decide what was more curious:  a cow in the historic district, the reactions of the people as it passed, or me driving down the road, holding up my cell phone to get a picture. 

Cow takes a turn


2 thoughts on “But there was a cow, honest!

  1. Will wonders never cease! That reminded me of the
    PURPLE COW. Maybe the color wore off.

  2. This reminds me of the day I saw the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile going through the truckstop carwash…

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