Look out! Here comes the Spiderman.

Spidey, Spidey, Spidey! These days I can’t walk into my friendly neighborhood discount store for fear of being webbed. You know what I mean. You’ve felt it too. The snack foods, the bed sheets–how many tie-ins can there be in one capitalist society?!? Ahhhh. Let’s think about it for a minute.

Ok, that’s enough. Actually, there are only a couple of items that seem worthy of comment:

First-the Spider Spud. It wasn’t enough for Mr. Potato Head to be packing a pair of angry eyes in his seat pajamas–now he’s got a superhero costume too. (And if you look a little further on the web or in the toy department you’ll find out that he’s got Darth Tater, Spud Trooper and Artoo Potatoo costumes tucked in there too!) What turns a tater to spandex?

Spider Spud

But if Spider Spud made me do a double-take, the one that really made me go “Whoa” was the Spi-Dog MP3 companion.


Talk about your angry eyes! This is one fierce-looking pup dancing on your desk. More importantly, it raises the larger issue: Is it morally wrong to dress your dog in a costume?

I ask you, is this a happy dog?

9 thoughts on “Look out! Here comes the Spiderman.

  1. What a disappointment! 😉 I thought you were giving a review of S3, which we’re going to see today.

  2. I was truly okay with Darth Tater, but I see no reason for anyone to dress his or her dog in spandex!

  3. Okay, I had read the review in the Washington Post so I had very low expectations. I expected no story , lots of violence and computer graphics. What I got was a story without a lot of depth, which emphasized the relationship between Peter and MJ, less scariness than either of the first two movies and good computer graphics. So I was pleasantly surprised, even though it wasn’t as good as the first or even the second movies.

  4. Speaking of dressing one’s dog, our neighbor’s teenage daughter put their old black lab in a Harley Davidson tee, and he seemed VERY happy!

  5. I once had an English Springer Spaniel, just like the one pictured, who would have agreed to wear the spidey costume, but only out of devotion to his mistress. My current dog a Boxer, would eat it.

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