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A local business advertises laser hair removal with “all procedures performed by licensed nurses and aestheticians.”  Every time I hear the ad I find myself wondering, do licensed aestheticians actually take courses in aesthetics?  How much do you have to know about beauty and truth to get a license?   Is this the skill philosophy majors fall back on if their philosophy shop fails?  And how do you get on the certifying Board?  I did find a web page for The University of Aesthetics (“an educational oasis”), but I’m curious, do aesthetic standards vary from state to state or is there some sort of federal regulation?  

There are lots of questions that need to be answered before submitting to laser hair removal.  Caveat emptor. 

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  1. Hello Just Musing,
    My name is Whitney and I work for Ideal Image, a Laser Hair Removal corporation. You certainly have a lot of questions and I’m glad to see it. Questions mean that you aren’t willing to dip into your pocket without considering all the factors! I couldn’t resist putting in my two cents. To answer one question, yes, certifications for any laser treatment and Aesthetics are based on state requirements. Here in Nevada they have only just made the requirement that you must be certified by a “Laser College” or equivelent to operate a laser. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are trained in Laser Hair Removal specifically. All of our providers are medically certified, meaning that they are either LVNs or RNs. What it means for us, is that when a nurse knows that their liscense is on the line as well as the company, they are less likely to be a hero. They will question previous medical care and any conditions that might contraindicate against the laser. If there is a questionable condition, we will require a physician’s signature.
    Laser’s themselves are FDA approved for certain procedures. Here in our clinic and all of our clinics we only do laser hair removal and our lasers are FDA approved for only Laser hair removal. I like to say that Ideal Image the Lamborghini of laser hair removal because we are precise and luxurious all in one.
    I encourage my guests to shop around here in Reno for a couple of reasons, I want my guests to see that having this procedure done is more than just cost. It can be life changing for some and time effective for others. There is so much more that comes into play such as hair color, ethnicity, age, and medical conditions. I tell my guests when they shop around, they should look for three things. 1. Who is doing the treatment? (Our Nurses are certified through Candela the company that makes our lasers, so that they know how to properly use those lasers) 2.What kind of lasers are being used on you? (Our lasers are, again, FDA approved for laser hair removal only.) Did you know that there are lasers made specifically for darker skin types? There are other companies that use IPL machines for this treatment and that is ineffective. It is a pulsed light made for skin rejuvenation but is often passed off as a treatable laser. 3. What is the guaruntee? Or is there one? As far as we know Ideal Image is the only Laser Hair Removal company in the U.S. that has a Lifetime Guaruntee.
    I hope this information is helpful. An excellent website to go to for information on lasers and their capabilities is We use it quite frequently.I am a Consultant here at Ideal Image and would love to chat with you at anytime, please feel free to peruse our website or even visit a clinic nearest you. My e-mail is listed above. Hope you have a great day!!

    Whitney Powell
    Ideal Image Consultant
    Reno, Nv.

  2. But did she say anything at all about a course in aesthetics or any other philosophy? I think not!

  3. Boy, everything you ever wanted to know ……

    I’m not sure what crucial aesthetic decisions are to be made during hair removal anyway. You’re either better off with it or without it.

  4. Yes, aestheticians are licensed and regulated through the board of cosmetology and comply with both state and local laws/regulations (which can vary from state to state). You cannot claim you are an aesthetician unless you are licensed and in good standing with the board of cosmetology.

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