20+ endings

The Campfire Crush

The “Choose Your Own Adventure” format has made its way into young adult chick lit with the “Choose Your Boyfriend” books.  As they say on the cover, “If you’ve ever wondered ‘What if…?’ when it comes to boys and dating, Date Him or Dump Him?  is a fun, interactive series that lets you navigate the ups and down of the dating scene.”

My daughter read one of these the other day.  Her review:  “It’s sort of like a first-person shooter with boys.”  (Ah, the metaphorical stockpile of youth!)

One thought on “20+ endings

  1. Haha, this is great! I remember reading Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was younger, they were a fun read.
    Based on the review of the book I think I’ll have to read this one ; )

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