Dreaming on your feet

My daughter likes to try on shoes.  Especially the ones with 3- to 4-inch heels that she calls “Cram-your-foot-into-the-toe-Barbie-would-approve” shoes.  A Wallabee wearer myself, I’ve done my parental duty and had the Bunion and Hammer Toe Talk, but I try not to be a fanatic.    

So the other day we were in the Target when she spotted some slinky boots with the requisite heels, and then some red shoes with peekaboo toes, and some cork wedges with rainbow straps and we had to stop to try them on.  I waited while she walked off (with only a slight wobble) to look for a mirror and take in the full effect. 

When she returned, my daughter told me about the nice woman with two small boys who’d watched as she checked out the shoes and remarked,  “They’re cute, but you’ll fall.”   

My daughter laughed and the woman continued, “It’s ok.  I try them on all the time.”  

“My mother would never let me get these,” my middleschooler said, and the other mother replied, “It’s okay.  I do it too.  It’s okay to dream.”

2 thoughts on “Dreaming on your feet

  1. This is why I just had to have those red cowgirl boots at age 45 – because I never got them as a little girl! and believe me, there are just some days that call for red boots….

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