We’re getting down to the wire here. Packers and a moving van are scheduled. The fridge is getting empty. Boxes fill my house and my storage unit. I’m saying, “See you later,” to all my friends. But the thing that told me this move was really going to happen was turning in my library books.

Library books represent possibility—all the interesting things you’d like to explore when you get the time: beautiful pictures, intriguing ideas, the promise of a better you. Maybe you checked one of them out on a whim months ago. Then the book you thought you’d get to soon became an unfinished task that sat on your nightstand beckoning.

When you start taking your library books back, you’re admitting it’s over. There’s no more time. Maybe another day, from another library, but for now, these books will not be read. And so this week I’m letting go of possibilities—forced into honesty—and setting off to a new place with only what I own.

2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Wow, you always manage to put into words things I have thought about, but have never taken the time to think out completely.

    Hope the move goes smoothly and you can find big adventures in the libraries down south 🙂

  2. Who was it said, “Parting is such sweet sorrow”?

    Well anyway I feel for you all and your varied emotions.

    Look for the blue bonnets when you get there.

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