Doin’ The Panic

I drive an old car–a 1995 Honda Odyssey van with over 200,000 miles on it (it turned over on the drive to Texas).  A few days ago the panic alarm–which had not been on for at least 7 years–started going off and locking the ignition when I unlocked the car.  It didn’t do it every time, just often enough to keep me completely on edge about driving.  (A honking, flashing car is a real problem for an introvert who’s just moved to a new town.)  What if I couldn’t get it started again?  I didn’t even know where the remote control was anymore!  Why was this happening?!  It didn’t make any sense.

I called the Honda dealer.  He gave me some tips: “Look for a fuse you can disconnect. Trial and error. Or a toggle switch you can throw under the dash.”  I looked.  No luck.  I read the owner’s manual.  No luck.  I searched the internet.  No luck.  I changed my search terms; I searched again.  Still no luck.  My dad called his dealer.  No luck.  Finally, I remembered the Automotive Repair Reference Center on the library website.  I dug out my library card, I logged on, and there, in a service bulletin from January 26, 1998 was mention of a Security System Control Unit fastened to the underside of the driver’s seat.  I found the box.  I threw the switch.  I solved my problem.

I love libraries.

3 thoughts on “Doin’ The Panic

  1. My favorite site! I’m easily entertained. I can sit and watch the audio/visual pages with great interest even though I couldn’t possibly fix a thing, unless , of course, I was desperate because alarms and horns were going off.

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