Anybody listening?

Playskool Helmet Heroes

Sometimes you just have to wonder, “What were they thinking?”

Playskool’s Helmet Heroes is a new version of an old toy:  a costume and vehicle set with a sound chip embedded in it.  You push the button, you hear the sound, you run around, you make believe.  Like a cowboy hat and a stick horse.  Pretty simple.  Hours of fun.

It’s the commercial that puzzles me.

Puzzle number one:  The opening line is “Can you imagine getting arrested in your own home?” while you watch from the point of view of a child pretending to be a cop.  So you metaphorically watch yourself being arrested by yourself.  That’s a bit strange.  Puzzle number two:  The entire commercial is clearly addressed to dads, and by extension to all toy-purchasing adults.  Why would the image of being arrested in my own home make me want to buy a toy?  In what way does that appeal?  Playing together is fun.  Imagination is great.  Couldn’t someone have thought of a better way to say it?

4 thoughts on “Anybody listening?

  1. POV is always a tricky business. Perhaps this is an experiment with unreliable narrators, as in “The TellTale Helmet Hero.” Or maybe someone didn’t have enough philosophy and English classes in college. 🙂

  2. Since some experts would assure us that one can NEVER have enough philosophy and English classes, I think that point is probably moot! Why not a reference to film here – “Just when you think it’s safe to go into the family room…” for instance? */:0)

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