Sometimes a hat just speaks to you

Mega Mission Helmet

Hey, there’s another talking helmet on the market, and this one’s got a cool feature.  The Power Ranger’s Jungle Fury Mega Mission Helmet has a USB cable so you can download 50 brief secret missions and act them out while you run around with lights flashing and sounds going off in your ears.  There’s also a Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Mega Mission Helmet (say that name five times fast) which costs less and only gives you 20 missions.  As the Bandai press release notes:  “With lights and sounds, each adventure guides you through training exercises, Power Rangers moves and more.” At the Jungle Fury webpage you can print out Mission Certificates (nice, but do little boys really want pieces of paper?).  “Good luck, Young Ranger. It’s good to have you on our Jungle Fury team.”

Optimus Prime Next on the cool helmet list is the Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet which lists as one of its Product Features “Lead your fellow robots in a battle to save the AllSpark from the cruel hands of mighty MEGATRON!” —which seems to be smudging the line between reality and fantasy.  Or maybe not.  I guess I’d have to put on the helmet to find out.

There’s a lot to be said for a good hat.  Or helmet.  It can change your whole persona.  In under a minute, you can be a new you—with or without the secret missions and fellow robots.  Maybe your hat speaks only to you.  Maybe no one knows its secret powers.  Coco Chanel started her career designing hats.  The Cat in the Hat never goes anywhere without his.  So I’m keeping my eyes open for developments.  Stay tuned.