Working, making, watching…

I like to watch people work.  I like to see how they make things.  I like to see their hands molding and cutting and shaping.  I like to see their minds made manifest through their actions.  I like to see a new thing created, a broken thing repaired. I like to see a process unfold.

I want to know, “How did you do that?”  “What chords did you play?”  “What spices did you use?”  “How do you work that thing?” And while I always have questions, it’s not entirely about the “how-to.”  For me, watching people work can be like following a skier down the slope: you feel the doing; you lean as they take the curve.  At other times, it’s like watching a great conductor give shape to thought and sound—it’s a way in.

There is marvelous pleasure to be had in watching people do something well.  You get to know them a bit.  Lately I’ve been peeking in on my friend Elizabeth Seaver’s artistic processes over at her blog.  Elizabeth is always turning things over.  Reworking them.  Trying new media.  Mixing things up.  I hope you’ll take a look; click around a bit.  Watch her work.

2 thoughts on “Working, making, watching…

  1. Thanks for your kind words, my friend. I am always amazed at your penetrating questions and all abiding interest in how things work and why they are the way they are. Your mind and curiosity humble me!

  2. This painting makes me feel happy! I can tell I’d like the woman who created it. Like Alice, I’m interested in process, and also the spirit behind and within the manifestation. Wow. Fun!

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